Greetings traveller! Since you've found your way here, take a moment to rest and explore a bit.

Currently I've put together the stuff I did for a class some years ago, that you can find on the right. In the process of putting all of this together, I've been trying to re-learn the magic of HTML and CSS.

What kind of shape is this little nook in the vastness of internet going to take on? I'm not sure just yet (I'm buzzing with excitement to find out myself, quite honestly!)

In the meantime, here's a quick rundown of what you can find here:

  • Totoro - It's Totoro, having a walk :)
  • Paint1 - Click and drag on the canvas to draw some green and yellow circles
  • Paint2 - Same as above, but a little different!
  • A poem I can't find anymore - It's a poem. That I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet anymore :(
  • Layout exercise - This was a design I made from scratch for a webpage that would showcase some art. Now it showcases a bunch of shapes.